Originating from the ancient amber capital—Gdansk, Poland—its amber designers have had 20 years of experience and participated in the establishment of becoming the most acclaimed international amber brand. JCK magazine refers to S&A as a leader and trendsetter in amber design, and is also an engine for design. Not to mention, receiving many awards for its spectacular designs has secured S&A a spot in the contemporary art of amber design. However, S&A’s main mission has always and continues to be to actively promote, influence, and lead the amber fashion industry, whilst illuminating the charismatic traits of the amber to consumers.

  • 2013 Grand Prix Mercurius Gedanensis  International Amberif Fair

    “Drop” designed by Sławomir Fijałkowski 

  • 2013 III st Prize of Amber Handicraft at the International Amberif Fair 

     ”VII 1944″ by Maciej Ziemlinski 

  • 2013 II nd Prize of Amber Handicraft International Amberif Fair (in 3D technique) 

    “My heart, my Poland” by Cyprian Chorociej 

  • 2012 Ist. Prize of Gold and Silver Handicraft

     ”Soul of Snow Queen” by Cyprian Chorociej 

  • 2011 Inhorgenta Award in the Lifestyle Brands 

    “Why not white” ring designed by Slawomir Fijalkowshki 

Mercurius Gedanensis Jewellery Awards

On Friday, 22nd March 2013, at the Amber and Fashion Gala Amber Look Trend & Styles 2013, the winners of the Mercurius Gedanensis Jewellery Competition were awarded. S&A got the Statuette of the Minister of the Economy Grand Prix in the Design category. The winning project was the “Kropla/Drop” designed by Sławomir Fijałkowski, the necklace made of onyx and natural amber. In addition, the winning project won the judges’ heart with the simplicity of its design. Slawomir feels that in recent years, everyone is so caught up in new cutting techniques and workmanship, they have forgotten the beauty of the amber itself, thus, he felt that it was time to return to the amber’s original nature. Furthermore, Slawomie was invited City of Gdansk’s office to edit the Trendbook, pick out several local designs and artists and predict their trends.