Perfect Amber Craftsmanship

Within the S&A family, there are countless renowned European artisans using their innate talent for handmade designs and meticulous handiwork to enable their products to become the leading high end representation of amber in the international community. Moreover, the innovating designs and the craftsmanship for processing amber has allowed S&A to win many international awards, proving them a forerunner in amber jewelry.

  • The Process of Amber Selection

    Always seeking for perfection, S&A selects the 100% natural Baltic amber from Poland, which takes forty million years to form and every piece is completely natural. Each piece of amber is one of a kind, even if they are from the same origin, the colors will still be different. About 80-90% of the world’s amber is produced along the Baltic coastline of Poland. Thus, for those in the amber jewelry market, Baltic ambers are extremely crucial, its color golden, origin beautiful and clear makes it the best of all ambers, and the first choice for amber jewelry.

  • Grinding

    Quality rough amber is a brilliant material. It can be cut, grinded, drilled, carved and polished. Grind away the rough surface and shape it into desire form.

  • Craft The Perfect Jewelry

    There are several designers employed in our company who are talented are hardworking. Both creative and precise attitude to work allowed us to invent our own collections, including over 4 thousand designs We are still looking for new solutions – besides internally accepted standard we design unconventional pieces of jewelry which bring to life new trends.