Harmony Between Amber and Human

S&A’s amber design headquarters and center is located at Gdansk, Poland, otherwise known as the capital of amber, a city with more than thousands of years’ worth of history in amber culture. S&A works closely with globally distinguished jewelry designers whose handiworks reflect the creativity in amber design as well as the experimentations and breakthroughs. Not to mention, S&A has nearly won all the award categories in the amber world. At the hands of the designers, crafted items become a perfect mixture of originality and passion, bestowing S&A ambers a strong sense of fashion. Designers release their talents in the world of S&A’s ambers and search for the best way to express the illusive penchant between humans and ambers. The designers of S&A believe that because nature provided them with beautiful ambers, they should do everything to not let nature down.

  • Founder of S&A - Adam Pstrągowski

    Adam Pstrągowski once said, “Everyone has a story, it just so happens all of mine have to do with amber. My obsession with the mystical properties of this gem and my talent to cultivate and design amber jewelry was my drive to establish this S&A brand.” Out of his endless love for amber and his talent to design unique jewelry, Adam Pstrągowski created S&A. His goal was to, through his designs, present amber, this mysterious gem, in a way where it harmonized with modern. In a short decade, his jewelry workshop became Poland’s frontier amber jewelry design manufacturer. Not only is his hard work and dedication to promoting amber is recognized worldwide, but due to Pstragowski and his fellow co-workers’ contributions, S&A was lavished the title of “The Treasure of Polish Amber” twice. Moreover, Adam Pstrągowski’s talent and devotion won him both Master of Amber and Best Jewelry Craftsman title in 2006 and 2010 respectively.

  • Jewelry designer - Cyprian Chorociej

    The biggest influence to Chorociej is the world of nature. It can be a flower petal shape, intricate leaf structure or even a brief moment of a bird wing movement; a small, inconspicuous detail which becomes a great source of inspiration. Cyprian combines his two big passions: jewellery designing and 3D computer graphics. Chorociej received multiple awards in international contests of 3D designing. In 2011 he returned to S&A with new ideas, energy and passion.

  • Jewelry designer - Sławomir Fijałkowski, ph.d.

    Born on September 19, 1970 in Łódź. He lives and works in Gdynia. Fijałkowski graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. He is a lecturer in design of many public and private universities, currently associated with the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, where he runs the Jewellery and Applied Design Department. He is also an author of numerous texts and analyses, educational programmes and case studies relating to  product design, curator of exhibitions and a juror of  international contests. Fijałkowski has participated in over 50 design authors’ presentations in Poland, Japan, China and the USA. He is dealing with the jewellery design in cooperation with jewellery production  market leaders. 

  • Jewelry designer - Michael Hezar

    Michael Hezar, founder and chief designer of Michael John Jewelry, is recognized as one of the TOP TEN designers in the “2010 American Couture Show Design Award”.  The combination of his preference for unexpected cuts of gemstones and his tendency towards organic influences defines his creative vision. Throughout the years, Michael’s jewelries enjoy great popularity among Hollywood celebrities and his award-winning jewelries have been recognized by many jewelry publications as state-of-the-art and a true testament to Michael’s creativity and vision to create timeless fashion with impeccable craftsmanship. 

  • Jewelry designer - Izabela Krauz

    Polish designer Izabela Krauza-Kur, educated at Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland. Modern and unique, designed for women who are feminine but also love a bit of edge. Her goal is to create jewellery which is modern yet elegant, luxurious yet affordable, while still being wearable on a daily basis. Jewellery which harmonises perfectly with both casual and elegant outfits. The major source source of my creative explorations is silver, combined with semiprecious stones, amber and natural materials, gold plated or beautifully coloured – the jewelry is transformed into a variety of modern and stunning designs.