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    In 2007, the JCK magazine stated: S&A is a leader and trendsetter in amber design, and is also an engine for design.

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    News on celebrities worldwide with their red carpet amber accessories, extravagant events, and brand updates


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  • S&A Amber held "Amber Beauty Salon Banquet" at Beijing American Club

    On June 19th, S&A Amber held “Amber Beauty Salon Banquet” at Beijing American Club, inviting club members to enjoy a special amber fashion show and cocktail dinner party. Ms. Luo Yinru, the famous TV hostess from Taiwan, also a GIA certified gemologist and famous model, introduced S&A amber and its design trend to the club VIPs. Beijing American Club is one of the four most prestigious clubs in Beijing, whose members include successful entrepreneurs, general representatives for international corporations, embassy officials from different countries etc. The guests were highly impressed by the beauty of amber and S&A’s bold and unique designs.

  • S&A invited to exhibit in Polish Brand Introduction Event held in Polish Embassy in Beijing

    On June 17, 2015, to welcome Polish Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna visit to China, Polish Embassy organized Polish Brand Introduction Event. Representing Polish national treasure - amber, S&A was invited to exhibit in the embassy and admired by all the guests. 
  • 2014 S&A sponsored charity auction for Lianshan Yi ethnic group children education held in Polish Embassy Beijing

    On Sept. 28, 2014, launched by Polish embassy in Beijing, “Humana People to People”charity organization and S&A China held a charity fund raising event for Liangshan Yi ethnic group children education to celebrate the 65th anniversary of established relationship between China and Poland.  Through this charity event, S&A wish to carry on the great love to realize the promise of helping children in poor area and share the fruitful friendship between China and Poland.

  • Sage Amber sponsored meeting between China National Gems & Jewelry Technology Administrative Center (NGTC) delegation and International Amber association.

    From June 22nd to 27th, invited  and funded by Sage Amber, NGTC delegation of 6 persons paid a 5-day visit to Poland. The purpose of this trip organized by Sage Amber is to help regulating  China's amber market and have its certification system closer to the international standards.The delegation met with International Amber Association and amber expert from Gdansk Technical University to discuss about amber classification and identification standard and techniques. 
  • In 2014, Sage Amber awarded as Best Business Partner by International Amber Association

    In March, 2014, elected by International Amber Association, Best Business Partner of the year was awarded to Ms. Vivian Ying Yang, general manager of Sage Amber. Ms. Ying Yang has been working hard for years in promoting Baltic Amber through organizing events with Polish consulates around China and Polish embassy.

  • 2013 China Liaoning Poland Friendship Week

    On September 25, 2013, the Liaoning Province and Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in China co-held the 2013 China Liaoning•Poland Friendship Week, with the opening ceremony in the city of Shenyang. The governor of Liaoning as well as the Polish ambassador delivered speeches at the ceremony. The opening ceremony displayed the outstanding Polish folk dance, music, arts, and literature; representatives of Little Ambassadors of China-Poland Friendship also presented the Peking Opera. S&A was invited again to the amber show of the ceremony, where the designers unveiled to the audience their newest designs.

  • Chinese Night in the Polish Museum of Amber

    2013-08-29  S&A CEO Adam Pstragowski is a crucial member of the International Amber Association and has made great efforts to promote the high-quality amber of Poland to the world for years. On August 21, 2013, the Museum of Amber in the heart of Gdansk made a collection of the award winning designs by S&A, proving S&A to have an irrefutable foothold in contemporary amber design

  • S&A and Asia-Pacific International Club (APIC) ‘Smiles & Autographs’ Charity Night

    On November 24, 2012, the Asia-Pacific International Club (APIC) jointly co-held the ‘Smiles & Autographs’ Charity Night, an event aimed at passing love and smiles to disabled children, with the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Guangzhou with a lot of success. During the event, hand-drawn smiles from forty celebrities, such as U. S. Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Academy winning female actress Liza Minnelli, etc., were displayed. Moreover, this was the first time the ‘Smiles & Autographs’ project, organized and conceptualized by Polish artist Marek Wysoczyñski, came to Guangzhou as one of the stops on its world tour. Also, the project is known for its display of collected hand-drawn smiles from children in rehabilitation centers globally, in efforts to encourage more people to take notice of disabled children. Furthermore, S&A was invited to represent Poland and brought along a gift for the event—the Shadows Fade line specifically designed by Mariusz Gliwiński in 2008 to give to special guests of the Polish International Film Festival as souvenirs. Once the series came out, the event was kicked into climax and the series was auctioned off as the highest bid of the night with all the earning donated to the Guangzhou Social (Children) Welfare Center for use towards children rehabilitation and special education projects.

  • S&A Cordially Invited to Breakfast at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland

    On September 20, 2012, the wife of the Polish ambassador hosted a breakfast for the wives of other foreign ambassadors and invited S&A to demonstrate and enlighten everyone on one of Poland’s national treasures—the amber. S&A CEO Adam Pstragowski and its Chinese operation Sage Amber’s operation manager Ying Yang attended the breakfast and told attendees of amber and the S&A brand. Mr. Pstragowski even showed his amber talisman and told of its occult energy and powers, and taught the guests how to distinguish whether the amber is authentic.

  • Florescan S&A Amber Design World Tour

    S&A, an internationally renowned brand, held a tour of their designs from the Floresca Series, and themed the event “Florescan woman, ripples the heart”. Being one of the largest chains of amber jewelry shops in Europe, S&A has become the gathering ground for many prominent amber jewelry designers, and all its products are carefully handcrafted. Moreover, S&A is a brand that praises their artists on artistic persistence because they believe that it is through that specific perseverance, creative and vivid designs are derived. Due to S&A employment of high-end materials, eloquent artistry, and unique designs, it has become the frontrunner of amber brands on the global platform.